There was a girl of 16 who had no help, no one to hold her hand.

Shaking held a positive clear blue stick, a baby she hadn’t planned.

She held her head high, to tell her man, this baby was going to be,

He said the word abortion she stood there just wanting to scream.


The next 17 weeks flew passed, with abortion all she heard.

Until that day the blood began, the moments began to get blurred.

To the hospital she went alone, so afraid and just so scared.

Seeing and holding her baby, longing for a kiss was all she cared.


She gave birth to a tiny little girl, the hospital just sent her away.

No photos, no lock of hair, no cuddle or flower bouquet,

All she wanted was just to be held, to be told it was all a dream.

But as she walked to her room, the pain became more extreme.


Collapsing to her bedroom floor, everything she owned had disappeared.

Her baby’s clothes and toys had gone, her drawers we just all cleared.

She phoned her man in hope of answers, instead the wrong number tone.

He had left her, with no reason, why now? She felt she was more alone.


She logged online to reach her friend, just someone to help her out.

But came across a video of a party, of her man celebrating no doubt.

She watched in horror as they lit a fire, with shock on her tear stained face.

Her man had throw in her baby’s things, her scan and the clothes filled case.


Everything that was nearby, she reached and began to smash and destroy.

All she wanted was to die, her whole entire life she wanted to void.

This girl ran to her nearest park with no hope or want in her life.

She stood dead still and thoughts in her mind kept saying ‘Least it’s not a knife’.


Underneath a Willow tree this girl stood, thinking but just wept.

For the precious load she had just lost, was the reason she nearly lept.

For the river beside her flowing fast and past that tree.

Would take her straight to her baby, her baby she longed to see.


She began to stand and she looked around and took a final breath.

But then she gasped and watched in awe, a sign from her baby’s death?

A pure white butterfly flew and sat, on one drooping willow tree branch,

She stared and watched for minutes, the pain beginning to stanch.


That little girl so young, so lost, was brought a message from the skies.

She listened in her heart and mind, the understood this wasn’t goodbye.

She vowed to her angel, her little princess, a star to in the night that glows.

Rest sweet angel, feel no pain, I love you my angel Scarlett Rose.


 In Memory of Scarlett Rose Wyatt who grew her wings 19th November 2009

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