Fathers day rolled around shortly after the loss of our baby.  I told everyone that wanted to still celebrate the day with me that I didn’t want to celebrate it and asked for it to be treated as another day.  My loving wife going against my wishes knew I needed something.  She made this poem for me and put it in a picture frame. It was exactly what I needed.  Now I wanted to share it with everyone.

To My Daddy

You may not have a picture to put in this frame,
but you know I was real, and you loved me just the same.

You anxiously awaited for me to arrive,
we did not know I would not survive.

Just know I watch you from above,
and you and mommy I will always love.

All the things you imagined we would do together,
one day we will in heaven forever.

I understand you are hurting now,
and you may be asking why and how.

But know I am safe way up here in the clouds,
I am with my Grandma and Grandpas,
and of me they are so proud.

So please always think of me,
until one day together we will be.

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