The day God called you home

I lost a piece of my heart

It shattered into pieces

I knew it wouldn’t mend


I asked God why?

Why take my only sons?

I hit 17 weeks & beautiful it was

Then one horrid night

My once peaceful pregnancy

It started to crumble

One moment I was so full of life

Then suddenly your to arrive


You came into the world

So quiet & peaceful it was

So many emotions running wild

Not sure what to think

How could the start of something wonderful

End so suddenly just like a nightmare


My precious angels came into this world

At 1:19pm & 1:39pm so teeny tiny there you were

Weighing just 4.5 & 4.9 ounces

Filled with 7 inches of perfection from head to toe


Family & Friends came to meet you

We held you for hours on end

Then it was time for you to go

One of the hardest moments we’ve had to face

So hard to let go


Leaving the hospital

What a tragedy it was

Tears poured while strangers starred

Being wheeled out no baby to show for


It’s been almost 3 years

My heart still yet to be mended

So many questions, still wondering why

Questions I’ll never have answers to

What beautiful angels we’ve created

What a blessing it was to hold such a perfect gift from God.

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