The Human Placenta Project

In late 2014, I read about the Human Placenta Project, an initiative launched by the National Institutes of Health to study the human placenta. It took me months to get …continue

Carpe Diem

February 21, 1970.  Six weeks pregnant, I bleed out my baby on a mattress, on the floor of my little apartment in Birmingham, Alabama. October 9, 1980:  I drive through …continue

Elam and Zoey

The days leading up to and including July 26th, 2014 are days that will be with me for the rest of my life. In April we were surprised to find …continue

Mother’s Day Mourning

Mother’s Day was an unforgettable one. I am rarely at a loss for words. But this experience has left me speechless at times. However, I want to share our story …continue


June 26, 2011 was the worst day of my life.  That day I gave birth to the most gorgeous baby I have ever seen.  He was born dead.  I would …continue

Angry At

The world Not knowing that I needed to protect my baby boy until he was already out of my reach The flowers on my kitchen table, which aren’t good enough, …continue

Stillborn and Still Proud

I sit there, in the passenger seat of the Chevy Equinox, with my husband sitting next to me.  I am holding and gazing at the little brass box that is …continue

Maya Bella Ingram

I was pregnant with our third child, our first daughter (who we ended up naming Maya) from July 2013 with an expected due date of April 19th, 2014. On Monday …continue

Norah Jean

No I did not lose “my daughter” but I watched my daughter lose her daughter. And it was the cruelest, hardest thing I have ever experienced. These are the words …continue

My Girl

After three miscarriages, my husband and I decided to try one more time. In March 2009, I took a pregnancy test and gave it to my husband, Mykol, to look …continue


To me, Kane was more than just an unborn baby within me. He was more than just my son. He was a lifetime of late night talks, “some days” and …continue


So there I was. Sobbing in the shower. Asking God to please do “something”.  I was a typical twenty nine year old wife and mother of two with a million …continue

Love and Loss

My husband, James, and I met in December of 2003. Then friends, we had no idea what a wonderful and horrendously sad adventure that friendship would turn out to be. …continue

Following Loss

When I look at family photographs, I am sometimes struck as much by absence as by presence. I hasten to add that I do not mean this in a morbid …continue

Father’s Day and Baby Loss

The German poet Friedrich Ruckert once wrote: “O you, refuge of your father/light of joy/extinguished all too soon” in reference to the death of his child. Following the stillbirth of …continue