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The Neverknown

The cemetery where he is buried has the ample dimensions of a public park and the elegance of a painted landscape: horizons disappearing around gently curved roads, sloping hills, marble …continue

She Lived

What tangible evidence is there that she lived? What proof is there that she existed? What will express in words the true value of her life? Who can prove beyond …continue

I Love You Still

“I Love You Still.” A song written for Wyatt Grant Stine born still at 27weeks and 2 days on October 8, 2012 by his Mommy, Crystal Stine. Click below to …continue

Milo’s Story

January 11th, at about 5 am, I rolled over in bed and felt a warm gush from between my legs, soaking my underwear and my sheets. My immediate, elated reaction …continue

Hello and Goodbye

Baby’s Name: Layla Malcolm Kocsis Date of Birth: 11/11/13 Original Due Date: 12/12/13 Weeks Pregnant: 35+4 Baby’s Weight: 6lb 9oz Baby’s Length: 19 in Photos: https://seatosm.exposure.so/hello-and-goodbye On Monday, November 11th, I …continue

My Story

My story, the story, the end.  It was joyous when I found out. We had talked about trying for a baby in a year just the week before. A week …continue

The Heart of the Ocean

At 9 weeks I was gushing blood and they swore up and down I was loosing the baby….. I didn’t. We breezed through the next few weeks easily until 18 …continue

Knocked Up and Down

On October 16, 2012, Anne’s son Henry “Hank” Mathay was stillborn.  The years prior were filled with fertility struggles.  The years afterwards were filled with heartbreak, pain, and the rediscovery …continue


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Lifetime of Heartache

My name is Odessa, I am 26 years old. I have a husband of almost 8 years and together for almost 11. I got married on July 1, 2006. I …continue

Nya’s Story

i want to begin this story by saying that the 34 weeks i was pregnant with Nya was the best 34 weeks of my life. my pregnacy with her was …continue

From Zero to Sunshine

When I was twenty weeks pregnant, I was told both of my identical twin girls were going to die. They were very sick, caused by a disease of the placenta …continue

No, She is Not my First Child

When I discovered I was pregnant in November 2002, the best way to describe the feeling was surreal. I think every woman who finds out she is pregnant for the …continue

Journal Entries

November 2009 When I was 17 I was able to find out that I have a bi-coronate uterus. (which means basically my uterus has a septum in the middle of …continue


On October 6, 2013 our lives, our entire world was turned upside down and will never be the same. But our story started out well before then. My husband, Derek …continue

With Deepest Gratitude

by Nancy Méndez-Booth   I embarked on a one-woman letter writing campaign between February and May 2008. I wasn’t trying to save the whales or the rainforests, though I believe …continue