The Neverknown

The cemetery where he is buried has the ample dimensions of a public park and the elegance of a painted landscape: horizons disappearing around gently curved roads, sloping hills, marble …continue

Ex Utero: A Postpartum Notebook

Ex Utero: A Postpartum Notebook by Cheryl Dumesnil Week One Miscarriage lays an odd kind of grief on the table. My body, once buzzing with hormones that announced an undeniable …continue

A Loss of Dreams

This is one of the stories of my son Marlon. He lives with his wife and 2 kids (my grandchildren) in Spain. He works for a non-profit organization that makes …continue

The Zen of Miscarriage

When the therapist said, “I think you’re still grieving the three babies you lost, don’t you?” tears salted my eyes, an unexpected assault. “Babies,” I echoed the triggering word. The …continue