Love and Loss

My husband, James, and I met in December of 2003. Then friends, we had no idea what a wonderful and horrendously sad adventure that friendship would turn out to be. …continue

A Little Piece of Me

In 2010 my husband and I decided that we wanted to add to our little family, after months of trying with no luck, I began to notice that I was …continue


My life has become a waiting game. When my husband and I first started “trying” for a baby we waited each month to see if I was pregnant. When we realized …continue


I am writing this letter because I want to share my story of my baby girl, Moreland Grace “Gigi” Stenstrom.  Her life was brief as she lived for only 16 days. Gigi’s …continue

Fight for Hope

I never thought it would be me.  Before miscarriage was ever a worry of mine, I was aware of it but it didn’t really phase me.  I knew women who …continue

Dear Baby Lane

4.5 years ttc, 3 IUIs, 8 IVFs, 3 (documented) losses.  I wrote this letter to our first lost baby on our due date: 10/16/10 Dear Baby L, Today is the …continue

Childfree Mom

During my youth, Catholic school taught me how to be moral but I had to learn what I believed.  All I understood in life shattered with my stillbirth.  The young …continue

With Deepest Gratitude

by Nancy Méndez-Booth   I embarked on a one-woman letter writing campaign between February and May 2008. I wasn’t trying to save the whales or the rainforests, though I believe …continue