The personal story of our RL-cofounder told on the NPR affiliate WAMC’s radio show “51%”:

Listen to “Loss” HERE

5 thoughts on “Loss”

  1. Beautiful. Powerful. Honest. Raw. Inspirational. An incredible testimony to your love for Dylan. It stirs my soul. Thank you for sharing this, Tara. It is so very personal and universal.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story. It is unique and universal, and the way you tell it has deeply touched me. I went through your web site and read a couple of stories. Facing peoples pain is difficult, but facing it makes it become less difficult. My brother and girl friend lost a baby in utero a couple of months ago. Since they isolated themselves and I don’t know how to react to that. Going through your story and others story has unlock something in me and I think I feel more confident facing my bother and girl freind’s pain, not letting them stay isolate too long, sharing this pain, not just on my side, but with them. For this thank you.

    1. I am so deeply touched by this. I know it is incredibly difficult to know how to be, what to say. I had a friend who was able to just sort of steep herself in my pain. Keep me company. Another one who told me that although she did did not know what to say, and would probably say the wrong thing, she was “just going to keep showing up”. I loved them for this. You might want to remember to reach out to them on their due date if it feels right to you – all of this is highly personal and situational. Your e-mail suggests that you are a loving and steady presence.

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