Maya Bella Ingram

I was pregnant with our third child, our first daughter (who we ended up naming Maya) from July 2013 with an expected due date of April 19th, 2014. On Monday …continue

Norah Jean

No I did not lose “my daughter” but I watched my daughter lose her daughter. And it was the cruelest, hardest thing I have ever experienced. These are the words …continue

My Girl

After three miscarriages, my husband and I decided to try one more time. In March 2009, I took a pregnancy test and gave it to my husband, Mykol, to look …continue


To me, Kane was more than just an unborn baby within me. He was more than just my son. He was a lifetime of late night talks, “some days” and …continue


So there I was. Sobbing in the shower. Asking God to please do “something”.  I was a typical twenty nine year old wife and mother of two with a million …continue

My Story

My story, the story, the end.  It was joyous when I found out. We had talked about trying for a baby in a year just the week before. A week …continue

Love and Loss

My husband, James, and I met in December of 2003. Then friends, we had no idea what a wonderful and horrendously sad adventure that friendship would turn out to be. …continue

The Heart of the Ocean

At 9 weeks I was gushing blood and they swore up and down I was loosing the baby….. I didn’t. We breezed through the next few weeks easily until 18 …continue

Always With Me

January 31, 2009 the day I will never forget. I was rushed to the ER, I was bleeding at 7 weeks pregnant. The ER physician told me I had a …continue

Knocked Up and Down

On October 16, 2012, Anne’s son Henry “Hank” Mathay was stillborn.  The years prior were filled with fertility struggles.  The years afterwards were filled with heartbreak, pain, and the rediscovery …continue

Underneath the Willow Tree

There was a girl of 16 who had no help, no one to hold her hand. Shaking held a positive clear blue stick, a baby she hadn’t planned. She held …continue

Because Angel Lived

Because Angel lived, a voice was born… Let me explain… It was my 34th birthday – and one I will never forget.  I was pregnant with our second child, and …continue

A Missing Piece Of My Heart

I met my wonderful husband in 2007 on Facebook. After a few years of having a long distance relationship, we decided we couldn’t live without each other and wanted to …continue

Sixteen Years

After a five hour drive with my feet placed precariously on the dashboard of our car, Howard helped me up the steps to our rented beach house. We called the …continue

Norah Lynn

The 29th was a Thursday. A normal day. I worked my 7-3, picked up Claire from the sitters house, stopped over to visit my parents. My mom and sister observed …continue


I’ll start with sharing some of the stats that I’ve shared before, but just in case you missed it… They say the stats are one in four pregnancies end in …continue

Just Another Day

As we approach July 16, 2013 it’s hard to believe a whole year has gone by.  For everyone one else, it is just another day…for Seth and I, and maybe …continue

Lifetime of Heartache

My name is Odessa, I am 26 years old. I have a husband of almost 8 years and together for almost 11. I got married on July 1, 2006. I …continue