The personal story of our RL-cofounder told on the NPR affiliate WAMC’s radio show “51%”: Listen to “Loss” HERE

Three Months After Miscarrying

Iceland roadtrip   Hulking stone shoulders, midnight sky streaked long with azure, waterfalls roaring to unseen end— Everything was extending you.   I know some of what you’ve been through. …continue

I Love You Still

“I Love You Still.” A song written for Wyatt Grant Stine born still at 27weeks and 2 days on October 8, 2012 by his Mommy, Crystal Stine. Click below to …continue

Dark Matter

All you knew was a land of sea a cocoon a shell all you knew was growing   stretching round competing with intestines bladder spleen ribs   you took over …continue

Angry At

The world Not knowing that I needed to protect my baby boy until he was already out of my reach The flowers on my kitchen table, which aren’t good enough, …continue

Underneath the Willow Tree

There was a girl of 16 who had no help, no one to hold her hand. Shaking held a positive clear blue stick, a baby she hadn’t planned. She held …continue

The Moon Ring

A fiction piece written by RL co-founder, Tara Shafer:  

Enough to Last a Lifetime

Elizabeth Joy Roller Beautiful beloved child of God. Soft songs and whispered prayers to celebrate the life Given to us for five glorious hours.   Beautiful beloved child of God, …continue

11 Days

It’s been 11 days since we parted ways, I’ll never understand why you’re there and Here am I. Stuck on this shit hole place, alone…. I don’t understand why…. Why …continue

One Week

One week. One week was all I needed to wait to hold my precious baby girl. But something was wrong. Very wrong. One week. One week was all I had …continue

Poems for Paul

Paul, I remember I remember the day I learned I was pregnant with you, I was really happy I remember when I announced it to your Daddy in our bed …continue

Living In Two Worlds

You see my beautiful son What you don’t know is that he isn’t the only one The fact is he is one of two,  yes a twin But in the …continue

Baby Isaac

Our Son There’s a special place in heaven, Where the little angels stay. A beautiful and peaceful place, Where sorrow melts away. Perfect little Isaac, Such a precious little boy. …continue

Born In Silence

For Caleb Nile Yoder born in silence 4-2-10   How do you say goodbye before you’ve even said hello? How do you grieve someone that you hardly even got to …continue

To My Daddy

Fathers day rolled around shortly after the loss of our baby.  I told everyone that wanted to still celebrate the day with me that I didn’t want to celebrate it …continue

Gaetano’s Story

VIDEO: Our son was born sleeping at 41 weeks. Throughout this experience we wanted to give strength and encouragement to any family that has to go through any difficult time …continue