Stillbirth: The Psychic Toll

Having a stillborn child is like losing part of your psychic self. The loss is unfathomable, unreachable, unconscious.  Circumstances indicate that your child, conceived in darkness, has gently moved towards …continue

My First Fathers’ Day

This isn’t how I was supposed to spend my first Fathers’ Day. I was supposed to spend it playing with Elizabeth and reading her stories. I did read her stories, …continue

With Deepest Gratitude

by Nancy Méndez-Booth   I embarked on a one-woman letter writing campaign between February and May 2008. I wasn’t trying to save the whales or the rainforests, though I believe …continue

Gaetano’s Story

VIDEO: Our son was born sleeping at 41 weeks. Throughout this experience we wanted to give strength and encouragement to any family that has to go through any difficult time …continue