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The Neverknown
by Michael Ravitch

K is for Kite

I didn’t want to be on earth any longer.  We had received the devastating news that after doing the cooling cap therapy, nothing had changed.  “I’m so sorry,” Dr. Tannenbaum’s …continue

Carpe Diem

February 21, 1970.  Six weeks pregnant, I bleed out my baby on a mattress, on the floor of my little apartment in Birmingham, Alabama. October 9, 1980:  I drive through …continue

She Lived

What tangible evidence is there that she lived? What proof is there that she existed? What will express in words the true value of her life? Who can prove beyond …continue

Three Months After Miscarrying

Iceland roadtrip   Hulking stone shoulders, midnight sky streaked long with azure, waterfalls roaring to unseen end— Everything was extending you.   I know some of what you’ve been through. …continue

Dark Matter

All you knew was a land of sea a cocoon a shell all you knew was growing   stretching round competing with intestines bladder spleen ribs   you took over …continue

Milo’s Story

January 11th, at about 5 am, I rolled over in bed and felt a warm gush from between my legs, soaking my underwear and my sheets. My immediate, elated reaction …continue

Hello and Goodbye

Baby’s Name: Layla Malcolm Kocsis Date of Birth: 11/11/13 Original Due Date: 12/12/13 Weeks Pregnant: 35+4 Baby’s Weight: 6lb 9oz Baby’s Length: 19 in Photos: https://seatosm.exposure.so/hello-and-goodbye On Monday, November 11th, I …continue

Stillborn and Still Proud

I sit there, in the passenger seat of the Chevy Equinox, with my husband sitting next to me.  I am holding and gazing at the little brass box that is …continue

Norah Jean

No I did not lose “my daughter” but I watched my daughter lose her daughter. And it was the cruelest, hardest thing I have ever experienced. These are the words …continue

It Has Been 38 Years…

It has been 38 years, one month, seven days. 457 months. 13,807 days. 333,637 hours. Over 20 million minutes. Over a billion seconds. The time since my life changed. Forever. …continue

The Moon Ring

A fiction piece written by RL co-founder, Tara Shafer:  

From Zero to Sunshine

When I was twenty weeks pregnant, I was told both of my identical twin girls were going to die. They were very sick, caused by a disease of the placenta …continue

No, She is Not my First Child

When I discovered I was pregnant in November 2002, the best way to describe the feeling was surreal. I think every woman who finds out she is pregnant for the …continue

When Elsa Wasn’t Looking

Shortly upon our return from adventures in Peru, when Elsa wan’t looking, we conceived a babe. We found out in the first week of the New Year and started adjusting …continue

The Story of Jonah

There are two dates or memories from this year that have totally changed my life. The first was the day I found out I was pregnant, February 24, 2013. Although …continue

Dear Baby Lane

4.5 years ttc, 3 IUIs, 8 IVFs, 3 (documented) losses.  I wrote this letter to our first lost baby on our due date: 10/16/10 Dear Baby L, Today is the …continue