Our Son

There’s a special place in heaven,

Where the little angels stay.

A beautiful and peaceful place,

Where sorrow melts away.

Perfect little Isaac,

Such a precious little boy.

Our love for you is boundless,

For your special gift is joy.

So happy when we found out!

Our family’s going to grow!

Who will this little person be?

When will I start to show?

The excitement of the party,

Will the cake be pink or blue?

Everybody gathered there,

gathered round with love for you.

The cake was cut,

A boy!  A boy!   Our secret news was known!

The joy we felt, the love we shared,

The happiness had grown!

Then the day you came to meet us,

The day unlike another.

The day that he became your dad,

And I became your mother.

Perfect fingers,

perfect toes,

Perfect feet,

a perfect nose.

No other word can tell the tale.

No other word will do.

“Perfect” is the only word

appropriate for you.

The love you introduced to us,

The things we learned from you.

The special place you touch our hearts

Will last our whole lives through.

Thank you, Isaac Anthony,

For being who you are.

When we look into the heavens

We know you’re the brightest star.

2 thoughts on “Baby Isaac”

  1. Thank you so much for posting Isaac’s poem! It means so much to us.

    It was actually written for us by Dawn Landstrom.

    She helped give us words when were still searching for our own. We are so thankful to her for that.

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