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We are a public magazine featuring the true stories of pregnancy and baby loss from our readers, including essays, videos, music, art and poetry. We also feature the professional essays of RL founder and bereavement expert, Tara Shafer. Your participation here as both reader and creator is historic personally and more broadly. Why? True stories will help shift how we, individuals and families within our current and future society, address and understand those who have experienced baby loss. It will open up possibilities for others, enabling many to voice, reclaim and share their own stories while learning about others. Your words and reading here will alter the silence around how many experience and share such loss.

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We offer a premium, private, self-guided support center for anyone who has suffered a loss, whether that’s a friend or family member that you know, or it’s you yourself. It is a safe space to find one’s voice, be it warm, fierce, intelligent, inchoate, or grieving. We give individuals the tools to forge their own path towards healing, however privately or publicly they prefer. The $19.99 year-long package includes exclusive articles by doctors and professional writers, medical info, yoga instruction, a writing workshop, a photography tutorial, healthy post-natal recipes, and much more that you won’t find in the magazine.

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When someone suffers loss, it is hard to know what to say or do. With the gift of Reconceiving Loss, you are sending a powerful message of love, support and solidarity. It says both simply and powerfully, “I am thinking of you & I want to help.”

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We are sorry for your loss. Pregnancy and infant loss are far more common than many believe and you are not alone. We recognize your loss and your experience as unique, and hope to help in your healing process.

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Our mission is simple: it asks both women and men to speak of the experience of grief following pregnancy loss. We all experience and express grief differently, but each of us has permission to feel the loss. When we take the time to remember and document our experience, giving ourselves the chance to grieve, a path forward presents itself and we can, metaphorically speaking, reconceive our loss. We can learn to live alongside loss. We do not need to forget in order to move on. Memory and moving on are not mutually exclusive.

It is our credo that the first step begins when you take ownership of your loss. When you articulate your own particular truth, healing and a hard-won clarity appears and you find the path forward. For some, the path may include resources such as doctors, therapy groups, or other healing forums. For others, simply participating in a community of fellows is enough of a healing. When one loses a pregnancy, the devastation is often profound. Many are shocked at how sad they feel and yet, as grievers begin to look for support, they often hear such platitudes as ‘try again.’ While such advice often comes with love and goodwill, it occasionally accomplishes the unfortunate: nullifying the singular loss faced by the grievers.

Co-founder Tara Shafer began her career as a human rights activist and refugee advocate. Such professional experiences have shaped her view of the world and her understanding of what it means to love, to lose, to manage grief, to speak truth to silence and to reinvent one’s own life. Having watched refugees remember, rather than forget, she saw those who otherwise would have been trapped inside an unspoken past move on to inhabit a new world, one different from what they’d been promised but one still filled with complex beauty.

about the RL team

Tara Shafer, Co-Founder
Tara worked as a human rights and refugee advocate for numerous organizations, including Amnesty International and Human Rights First. She holds a B.A. degree from Clark University and an M.A. degree from Columbia University. She is a bereavement expert and contributing blogger to BabyCenter, the Huffington Post and Psychology Today.

Gavin Curran, Co-Founder
Gavin began his career in financial services in 1992, working for firms including Chubb & Son and Le Blanc de Nicolay. In 1996 he returned to Columbia University to pursue a Master’s degree in Education. Currently, Gavin teaches High School Social Studies.

Marla Walker, Content Editor
Marla is an early-stage start-up consultant for new businesses and solo entrepreneurs. For the past twenty years, she has guided projects from ideation to launch, while anticipating market trends and creating business opportunities in diverse fields, including education, retail and digital platforms. She holds an Ed.M. from Harvard University.

Dr. Julie Bindeman, Psy.D, Senior Contributing Psychologist
“Dr. Julie” is a clinical psychologist specializing in reproduction and parenthood who has worked in outpatient settings, private practices, and universities, including Marymount, Johns Hopkins, and Loyola.

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