If you or someone you know has experienced baby loss, we offer a premium digital resource center designed to promote grieving, healing, remembrance. We believe that memory and moving on are not mutually exclusive. So when you don’t know where to turn, or what to say in the face of loss, a thoughtful gift to a loved one or to oneself can be transformative.

Yoga & Meditation

Info on reducing stress, restoring good sleep, and managing post-traumatic symptoms (see a sample video here)


Health Info

Essays, live events, and webinars giving you direct access to physicians, psychologists and experts in perinatal loss.



Tips on nourishing the body with healthy recipes after pregnancy and loss

Exclusive Stories

Professional essays on the topic by established authors that you won’t find in the magazine


Writing Guides 

Access to our detailed Writing Workbook to create a healing narrative (see our introductory video here)


Photography Tips

A step-by-step guide to memorializing your experience as a coping strategy


Song Library

Playlists that have helped others heal


Personal work can be shared privately with the member-only RL Community or publicly on RL Magazine


Music Playlists

Spotify playlists can be created and shared with our private community


Your Photography

Gain viewing privileges and upload access to our private Community Gallery

About Our Premium Membership
give as
a gift

When someone suffers loss, it is hard to know what to say or do. With the gift of Reconceiving Loss, you are sending a powerful message of love, support and solidarity. It says both simply and powerfully, “I am thinking of you & I want to help.”

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We are sorry for your loss. Pregnancy and infant loss are far more common than many believe and you are not alone. We recognize your loss and your experience as unique, and hope to help in your healing process.

$19.99 Premium Access For 1 Year Includes:
  • Video resources including guided yoga and meditation routines (both video and audio)
  • Health & wellbeing articles by experts in women’s health, including exclusive webinars with doctors and psychologists
  • Writing tutorials with a customized grief primer by acclaimed novelist Edie Meidav
  • A guide to memorial self-portraiture
  • Healing recipes and nutritional tips for after loss
  • Exclusive essays by accomplished writers on the experience of grief
  • Music sharing sharing capabilities
  • Portion of proceeds donated to women’s, children’s and fetal health organizations
  • Site management by bereavement expert, Tara Shafer, blogger for Psychology Today, Huffington Post and BabyCenter
  • Psychological services managed by reproductive health psychologist, Dr. Julie Bindeman, Psy.D.
  • New resources continually developed and added

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"I believe that Reconceiving Loss is a great and novel way of grieving for a pregnancy loss. Very few in our society realize how much these women suffer in silence."
— F. Surur, M.D., OB-GYN, Associate Professor
"Patients who experience unsuccessful pregnancy often feel unique and isolated. Reconceiving Loss provides a compassionate, 'safe' forum for women, men and their support systems as they navigate through the grieving process."
— Dr. Sharon Patrick, OB-GYN, Maternal-fetal medicine